Isaiah Chapter 14

We pick up Isaiah where we last left off in Chapter 14. First we go back over some information given at the end of last week’s edition, and then we finish discussing the fall of Babylon vs. The Doom of Babylon, but not before taking a look at Lucifer and his fall. Before all of this, Jody and Steve talk about the eclipse, crying at the eclipse, and Steve calls someone an idiot.

Isaiah Chapter 13

Jody tells a story that was promised on the last edition, then we get into the book of Isaiah. Steve tries to make it all the way through Chapter 14 but gets hung up on some things. If you walk away confused about the last topic discussed, that’s ok, we will cover it again in the next episode. Babylon is at the center of the discussion as we look at the the 13th chapter of Isaiah on this edition of the Lakeview Cast.

Isaiah Chapters 11 & 12

We continue to look into the book of Isaiah with Chapters 11 and 12. In Chapter 11 we discuss the regathering of Israel into the land as well as Christ’s rule from the throne of David. Jody and Steve discuss having too much fun, serious questions, and give a tease of their conversation on the next edition.

Isaiah Chapter 9 Pt. 2 and Chapter 10

We continue wakling through Isaiah as we finish up Chapter 9 and make our way through Chapter 10. What does it mean that The Messiah will rule from the throne of David? What was prompting God’s judgment on Israel at this time? What was God’s plan for the nation He used to execute His judgment? Is there any hope in all of this talk of judgment? We examine these things as well as possible prophecies that pierce even further into the future than what is on the surface of these scriptures. Then, we get a glimpse into the future kingdom of The Messiah. Before that Jody gives Steve a geography lesson and the two talk about one of Steve’s least favorite things.

Isaiah 9 Part 1

In this edition we begin to get into Chapter 9 of the book of Isaiah. Before that happens, Steve and Jody discuss what it’s like to work together at Lakeview, and also get into some discussions about hymns as well as think about doing a podcast that is not interrupted by a Bible Study. in Chapter 9 of Isaiah, we get one of the most comprehensive prophecies of the Messiah right from the first verse. It’s an encouraging look not only at our Savior but all that our Savior is for us.

Isaiah 8

Isaiah 8 is covered in this edition of the podcast. During the intro, Steve and Jody were interrupted by a knock on the door, so there may be a little bit of confusion (more than usual.) From there we get into Isaiah chapter 8. We discuss the geopolitical situation of the time, Isaiah’s sons as prophetic messages, God’s coming judgment on His people, and tucked away in the middle of chapter 8 we begin to hear about a “stone of stumbling and a rock of offense.” We do look ahead into chapter nine just enough to get us excited about the light that shines on the darkness of man.

Isaiah 7

This week we continue through the book of Isaiah with Isaiah chapter 7. Unfortunately there’s about 7 to 8 minutes missing as the recording device was interrupted. Fortunately, it was mostly during a story that Steve was telling to try to illustrate a point. SO if at some point it seems like Steve jumps from one thing to the next with no real transition, that’s what’s going on. Jody stops in to talk podcast music and remnants with Steve as we begin, and as always we hope you are blessed and encouraged by the word of God.

Isaiah 6

Jody joins Steve to welcome you to the podcast and talk a little bit about being called into ministry. From there we get in to the Bible Study through Isaiah with Chapter 6 and Isaiah’s vision of the Lord. We hope you are enjoying the podcast. If so, we’d enjoy hearing from you at our e-mail or twitter. Information on both is at the end of this episode.

Isaiah 4 & 5

The Lakeview Cast continues with our walk through the book of Isaiah. In this session we cover Isaiah chapters 4 and 5. Discussed in this study is the term “the branch,” we hear about a remnant, then we look into the song of the vineyard which leads us into the 6 woes of the book of Isaiah. Our hope is that rather than be beaten down with God’s case against His people that we are encouraged to examine our own lives and churches and allow the Holy Spirit work in us to glorify God more greatly in our walks and services.

Isaiah Chapter 3

To pull the curtain back a bit, this was recorded during the evening service at Lakeview Baptist Church in Rome, GA on May 28, 2017.  During the morning service that day, Steve was ordained.  His father preached the ordination service and both his parents were in attendance during this Bible Study.  So, if things seem a bit off…Steve was quite nervous.

This study covers the third chapter of Isaiah.  God continues his case against Judah.  As we look at what God had to say to His people then, we are compelled as a body of Believers to allow the Holy Spirit to examine our congregations and the church as a whole to see if God may be trying to communicate a better way of serving together.