Daniel Chapter 1

Jody isn’t here on this return to the podcasting airwaves, but we start fresh with a new Bible study through the book of Daniel. There is some history leading into the timeline of the book, information about the book’s authenticity, then we dive into the book and Daniel and his friends’ first stand in Babylon. We hope you are blessed by this new study, and encouraged by the life of Daniel.

Hebrews 1:4 – Jesus is Better Than The Angels

In this edition we continue our walk through Hebrews from our Sunday morning services. One of the driving themes of Hebrews is “Jesus is better.” The writer walks through many examples of what Jesus is better than. In this passage we begin to see how Jesus is better that the angels of Heaven. Before we get into that Steve reminisces with Jody about the first podcast he ever did. The guys share a few laughs about that, and then we get into one verse of Hebrews.

Isaiah 25 & 26

Recorded on Sunday evenings, this Bible Study through Isaiah is back with chapters 25 and 26. We look again at a scripture that has a surprisingly New Testament feel to it as well as discussing the reasons for this book, these prophecies and the work that God will do. (Spoiler Alert: it’s for His name and His renown.) Jody and Steve try to get a little real before we get into the Bible study and Steve takes that to mean tell a story about his pride and insecurities.

Hebrews 1:1-3 – Jesus Is Better…

This edition of the Lakeview Cast is the beginning of adding a new edition each week. We will continue to publish Isaiah bible Studies on Thursdays, and on Mondays we will bring you our Sunday morning sermons. This edition begins our look at Hebrews. The overall theme of much of Hebrews is that Jesus is better. In these first few verses of the book, Steve discusses the idea that “Jesus is better” and how we respond to that. Jody and Steve open things by putting each other on the spot, Steve admits to how he learned the books of the Bible, and a there’s a little bit of talk about the difference between teaching and preaching. We hope you are encouraged by this new series.

Isaiah Chapters 19 – 22

We continue our study through Isaiah as we see God’s judgments against what could be considered the world powers in Isaiah’s day. Throughout these passages Isaiah looks beyond the locality of his day and brings out things that seem to have the Millennial Reign in view. The goal of this portion of the study is to help us see that God was faithful to what he told Isaiah about the times then so we can trust Him to be faithful about what He says about the future for us.

Isaiah Chapter 14

We pick up Isaiah where we last left off in Chapter 14. First we go back over some information given at the end of last week’s edition, and then we finish discussing the fall of Babylon vs. The Doom of Babylon, but not before taking a look at Lucifer and his fall. Before all of this, Jody and Steve talk about the eclipse, crying at the eclipse, and Steve calls someone an idiot.

Isaiah Chapter 13

Jody tells a story that was promised on the last edition, then we get into the book of Isaiah. Steve tries to make it all the way through Chapter 14 but gets hung up on some things. If you walk away confused about the last topic discussed, that’s ok, we will cover it again in the next episode. Babylon is at the center of the discussion as we look at the the 13th chapter of Isaiah on this edition of the Lakeview Cast.