Isaiah 4 & 5

The Lakeview Cast continues with our walk through the book of Isaiah. In this session we cover Isaiah chapters 4 and 5. Discussed in this study is the term “the branch,” we hear about a remnant, then we look into the song of the vineyard which leads us into the 6 woes of the book of Isaiah. Our hope is that rather than be beaten down with God’s case against His people that we are encouraged to examine our own lives and churches and allow the Holy Spirit work in us to glorify God more greatly in our walks and services.

Isaiah Chapter 3

To pull the curtain back a bit, this was recorded during the evening service at Lakeview Baptist Church in Rome, GA on May 28, 2017.  During the morning service that day, Steve was ordained.  His father preached the ordination service and both his parents were in attendance during this Bible Study.  So, if things seem a bit off…Steve was quite nervous.

This study covers the third chapter of Isaiah.  God continues his case against Judah.  As we look at what God had to say to His people then, we are compelled as a body of Believers to allow the Holy Spirit to examine our congregations and the church as a whole to see if God may be trying to communicate a better way of serving together.

Isaiah Chapter 2

The study through Isaiah continues as we get into the second chapter.  The sound issues come from recording on an iPhone set on a podium, as we go along we will try to iron out these kinds of issues.  We hope you enjoy the study and if you would like to reach out to us you can e-mail  Also, follow us on twitter @Lakeviewpod