Easter Sunday Services

As this is being posted, it’s the Saturday before the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. I often wonder what that day must have been like for the followers of Jesus 2000 years ago. Were they waiting fearfully to be taken away and killed the way their master had been? Were they depressed and defeated after pinning all of their hopes on Jesus? I imagine Peter so burdened with the guilt of denying even knowing Jesus just a couple of nights before. I imagine Jesus’ mother heartbroken over what she had witnessed the day before, confused about why this had to happen. Hadn’t an angel visited her and told her that Jesus was God’s son who would rule from the throne of David and that His kingdom would have no end? It was certainly ended now it seemed…before it even began. That must have been a dark day for those who loved Jesus the most.

Today, as we face the idea of not being able to celebrate resurrection Sunday together as a church family physically, we can take comfort in knowing that we can be together in spirit. Tommorrow morning we will begin live streaming our service at 10:30 am at www.lakeviewbaptistrome.org/watch

We hope you will join us as we celebrate together the best way we know how. Rain is forecast in the morning, and we didn’t want to cause anyone any further issues by trying to have something here at the church.

This Easter is one like I’ve never had in my life and I know many of you feel the same. I want to encourage you to reach out to those who may not be as up on technology as you are and help them to join in on the service if they are able. We want to be as united as we can as a church family during this time.

Though this season of life in our nation and community feels a little like that Saturday before the resurrection must have felt, we have hope. The tomb is empty and though His followers didn’t know it, they were about to witness a change in the very nature of death itself as Jesus would claim His victory over death, Hell, and the grave. The night seems so long…but morning is coming. Be encouraged, and be excited to celebrate our risen savior online with us tomorrow.

Worship With Us Today

It is Palm Sunday and once again we are under shelter in place orders. So we worship together again today in this virtual way. Here are some songs that may help you and your family prepare for the message as we go live at www.lakeviewbaptistrome.org/watch at 10:45 am Eastern this morning. When you go to that link make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell, this will help make sure you are more easily able to find the videos when we go live.

Make sure to join us for our Bible study tonight as we continue in Exodus, but also as we take a few minutes to show just how precise scripture is based on a look at the triumphantal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem that we celebrate on Palm Sunday.

Here are some songs that will hopefully prepare your heart for the message this morning.

Men’s Bible Studies and Wednesday Nights

As we are finally getting everything as close to figured out as we can, we are ready to relaunch Wednesday night Bible Studies and our Men’s Bible Studies. Both of these will take place on our YouTube Channel.

This Wednesday night we will begin to dig into why we believe what we believe. Hopefully you were able to watch some of the videos provided in the post we made about Wednesday night last week. If you haven’t, you can click here and be taken to the post and videos. A lot of the information in those videos is information we will be covering over the coming weeks.

Our Men’s Bible Studies will be posted on YouTube on Thursday this week and Tuesdays moving forward. Our group leaders are asked to keep in touch with your groups to hold them accountable to continuing studying and to offer study questions/helps/ideas.

While we anxiously wait to be together again, I hope that you all will continue to reach out to one another and participate in our online church services and Bible Studies.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. If there’s anything we can do for you at the church please call on us.

Worship With Us Today

As we continue in this unique time of social distancing and sheltering in place, again we invite you to worship along with your family, or simply by yourself alone with God as we “meet together” in this virtual or digital church service. Just as we did last week below you will find links to some songs that you may want to listen to or sing along with to prepare your heart. We will go live at our church’s YouTube channel at 10:45am for announcements and time together in the Word.

The first song this morning is Heart of Worship. Jody has had this song on his heart for a little while now, and it’s easy to see why. As we strip away all the trappings of what we think of as church we realize that worship is more than a service once a week. Worship is all abour Jesus. Worship is a lifestyle of obedience and mindset fixed of Jesus in all things.

As we hear all kinds of news reports and watch numbers of infected grow or stay the same, as we question the need for the drastic measures taken in our area and our country, or as we shelter in place in fear and concern, we recognize that even in these uncertain times there is a solid place to stand…on Christ Alone. He is unchanging. He is in control. He is Lord of All and He alone can save and offer us the peace and stability we so desperately need.

At 10:45 tune into www.lakeviewbapistrome.org/watch to join as we continue our walk through Romans.

Updates For Wednesday Nights and Other Announcements

As we continue to adjust to church in wake of the virus that has impacted everything in our nation we want to continue to give you resources and keep you up to date on what’s going on in the church and with the church family.

First, there will be no Wednesday night Bible Study tonight. Hopefully, we will be on YouTube with it next week. In the meantime, to prepare for the next leg of our study by watching some of the following videos. (There’s a good chance you will hear some of this material repeated.)

This one may be one to watch with your children:

We are working out the logistics for our Men’s Bible Studies. Guys, expect to hear from your study leaders on what exactly will be happening.

Our Senior Adult Luncheon for April will be postponed. We will let you know as soon as we know when it will be.

We will make a weekly prayer list available for everyone starting tomorrow. It will be in the form of a PDF download here on the the website. If you have anyone to add to the prayer list please contact Steve or leave a message at the office.

Finally, Justin is working out a way to meet with our youth via Zoom on Wednesdays and Sundays. Parents, please be aware of this and if you can help your students get up and running on a computer, phone, iPad, chromebook, or another device please do so. You may also want to check out www.youthgroupathome.com for some things to lead your students in Bible Study.

Remember during this time to BE THE CHURCH. Reach out to one another and help meet needs where you can. You can reach Steve on his number provided in the weekly church bulletin or call the office and leave a message. Steve and Kathy are trying to be there some daily to check messages and work on preparing for our live streaming church services.

How To Worship With Us On March 22, 2020

As we enter in to this unique time with unique worship experiences, we are excited, curious, and have been a little baffled as how to best provide a time of worship for our families and friends. We will actually begin streaming around 10:45 am. This is to give you and your family an option to worship together using the links to songs provided below and spend some time praying together for all who will be watching in different places.

Jody had already put together an order of service for this Sunday morning and it is that order we are using now. Use the links to videos of the songs below to either sing along and worship or just listen and be blessed. Finally, use the last link to go to the Lakeview YouTube channel and watch as we come to Romans 10:13 and following. What a great verse to begin with as we use this new format of delivering Word! “Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!” Pray for those who may stumble onto our live stream and hear the gospel presented. Pray for those who have resisted the calling to carry the gospel. Pray for yourself that God’s Spirit would move in your heart during this time.

We hope you will tune in to hear the word preached and taught at www.lakeviewbaptistrome.org/watch

Hard Decisions

It is an interesting time in our world, and that time has really hit home in our area. After much prayer and discussion the leadership of Lakeview has chosen to suspend on campus services for the foreseeable future. That’s a fancy way of saying, “Ya’ll stay home so we don’t get each other sick.”

We are not sure when we will all be able to be together again, but I know that when we are it will be a great time of celebration. In the meantime, we will be streaming Bible Studies and sermons on Sunday morning and Sunday nights on our new YouTube channel which you can reach by going to www.lakviewbaptistrome.com/watch

We hope to be live on Sunday Morning at 10:30am and Sunday evening at 6:00 pm as per our usual time. I am working with Jody to decide how best to handle everything. Justin is also working on an ongoing study for our youth, and ways to meet online as a group.

One of the good things about this time is the technology available to us that allows us to continue to worship together though we may not be physically together.

Keep checking this site and our facebook page for updates and if you need to get in touch with us someone will definitely be at the office between 9:30 and 12 Mondays through Thursday or you can call, text or e-mail me (Steve) directly. We love you all, and we are looking forward to being back together as soon as possible.