Worship With Us Today

As we continue in this unique time of social distancing and sheltering in place, again we invite you to worship along with your family, or simply by yourself alone with God as we “meet together” in this virtual or digital church service. Just as we did last week below you will find links to some songs that you may want to listen to or sing along with to prepare your heart. We will go live at our church’s YouTube channel at 10:45am for announcements and time together in the Word.

The first song this morning is Heart of Worship. Jody has had this song on his heart for a little while now, and it’s easy to see why. As we strip away all the trappings of what we think of as church we realize that worship is more than a service once a week. Worship is all abour Jesus. Worship is a lifestyle of obedience and mindset fixed of Jesus in all things.

As we hear all kinds of news reports and watch numbers of infected grow or stay the same, as we question the need for the drastic measures taken in our area and our country, or as we shelter in place in fear and concern, we recognize that even in these uncertain times there is a solid place to stand…on Christ Alone. He is unchanging. He is in control. He is Lord of All and He alone can save and offer us the peace and stability we so desperately need.

At 10:45 tune into www.lakeviewbapistrome.org/watch to join as we continue our walk through Romans.